Authentic breakfast diners serve up some of America’s most classic breakfasts! Think of waffles, pumpkin pancakes, or good old biscuits and gravy. It’s these iconic breakfast items that made breakfast diners so nostalgic. The flavors on your plate often take you back to timeless eras. Here’s a look at some of the main dishes you can expect from your local breakfast diner

Yummy Waffles

Waffles are a favorite breakfast for many Americans. You might be into Belgian waffles or chicken and waffles. Most agree that few things are better than biting into a fresh waffle with your topping of choice! Waffles should always be on your local breakfast diner’s menu

Mouth-Watering Omelets

Omelets are all about customizing. You can design your omelet with a variety of fillings. What about sausage, ham, mushrooms, or avocado? It’s all up to you. And don’t forget to top off your fillings with your favorite cheese

Strip Steak And Eggs

Steak and eggs make for an incredible breakfast! Whether it’s a Vegas strip or a New York Strip steak, you’ll be enjoying a leaner, healthier cut of meat. Start off your day with a good protein boost. Be sure to get your eggs just how you like them. Fried, Scrambled, or a cheese omelet on the side

Your Favorite Sandwich

Breakfast Diners are known for their sandwiches. How about ham, egg, and cheese? Or a New Jersey Sandwich? Served on a freshly baked kaiser roll, a breakfast sandwich will hit the spot. Don’t forget about many people’s favorite avocado toast! Fresh, soft avocado in the morning will go down a treat

Priceless Pancakes

Moving onto some sweet options, who doesn’t enjoy pancakes? Pancakes come in some tasty variations to choose from. Fancy a chocolate chip or a blueberry pancake? Or how about a banana nut? These should all be on offer at your local breakfast diner. You may even find a pumpkin pancake on the menu of some extra special South Florida diners

Biscuits And Gravy

There are few things more Southern than biscuits and gravy! Think tender dough biscuits covered in gravy and packed with flavor. Southern gravy is made from pork drippings, some flour, and milk. Invented for a time when supplies were scarce, biscuits and gravy won’t be scarce at your breakfast diner. You can enjoy gravy on some other menu items too. Why not try a country-fried steak with gravy or an Eggs Benedict with gravy? A well-made gravy will give your dish a real Southern feel

French Toast

Crispy egg-covered bread topped with maple syrup is hard to beat! The saltiness of the egg is balanced by the unique flavor of authentic Canadian maple syrup. Add some bacon or banana to the mix, and you have a real winner

On A Side Note

Remember that a reputable breakfast diner will serve up all-day breakfasts. This is because their breakfasts are so good. If your breakfast diner doesn’t serve breakfasts all day, it’s worth finding one that does

Pompano Beach Breakfast Diner

Nelson’s Diner is an iconic Pompano Beach breakfast diner. They serve up all the breakfast favorites and have some seasonal treats on offer too. Try their seasonal pumpkin pancakes or their gourmet French toast. Nelson’s Diner has something for everyone. Their all-day breakfasts mean that you can enjoy a moment of nostalgia at any time of the day. Call Nelson’s at 954-785-3646 to book a table.

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