Valentine’s Day is a day of romance and quality time for couples of all ages, no matter how long they have been together. For many couples, the stakes are high to impress each other and have a special day. Planning a Valentine’s Day dinner date is a popular idea, but it can be challenging to get reservations, and there may be a long wait for a table without reservations.

A more unique idea is to have a Valentine’s Day breakfast together instead. It is not likely to be so crowded, and breakfast is usually more affordable than dinner.

Continue reading to get some breakfast ideas to help you plan a unique and delicious Valentine’s Day celebration.

Important Aspects Of A Great Valentine’s Day Breakfast Date

If you need help planning the perfect Valentine’s Day breakfast, there are some important aspects to consider:

Location And Atmosphere

The location you choose is very important and it may be the first thing you want to plan. Do you want a fun, laidback atmosphere or a quieter, more low-key setting? Do you not want to go out at all and instead enjoy breakfast in bed? That can be possible, too.

Consider other plans you have for the day. Will you or your date need to get to work right after breakfast? Are you planning other outings, like going to a movie theater or a museum? Try to choose a place with good proximity to wherever you’re going next.


What are your intentions for this breakfast date? Are you aiming for a simple, fun experience? Will it be a double celebration for Valentine’s Day and another important occasion like an anniversary or a birthday? Are you planning to propose? Maybe you could have the ring set on their pancakes – just make sure they don’t pour the syrup on first!

If you’re not sure about where to go for breakfast on Valentine’s Day, we have a great recommendation for you.

Valentine’s Day Breakfast At Nelson’s Diner

Nelson’s Diner in Pompano Beach, Florida, serves great-tasting breakfast dishes with a variety of portion sizes that will satisfy any appetite and palate. We offer everything from egg breakfasts to breakfast sandwiches to waffles and several different types of pancakes. You can also choose from several dishes that feature our homemade sausage gravy, such as biscuits and gravy or our country eggs benedict.

If you and your sweetheart aren’t early risers, that’s no problem. Our full breakfast menu is served all day, so you don’t have to choose between sleeping in and enjoying breakfast. You even have the option of breakfast in bed, because you can order online for carryout or delivery. Valentine’s Day 2023 falls on a Tuesday, so we will be open from 5 AM to 9 PM.

We have a retro, classic 1950s diner atmosphere complete with cool Elvis memorabilia to check out while you wait for your food. Let our old-school vibes and friendly service get you all set in a romantic mood for a fun and memorable Valentine’s Day breakfast date. But we don’t exclusively accommodate parties of two – you can bring the whole family to enjoy the day together! People of all ages love our restaurant. We invite you to come and try it for yourself this Valentine’s Day.